The story behind the song is pretty magical. I’ll tell you the short version. It was a Spring morning in Texas and I was driving out to Ed’s place to write a tune, work around his house. So I was inspired by the drive. And a riff came into my head and lyrics just sort of came out on the spot. So I’m driving down the road talking, singing into my cell phone to capture it. I kept thinking about the name “Lorena”, a female character’s name from “Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry. 
There’s line about a traffic cop in there; I was ad-libbing the words to the idea, a police car pulled out behind me in a little cow town of Elgin, Texas, and followed me in my truck, and he became part of the song. He never pulled me over, by the way,  but I took the improv idea and ran with it all the way to Ed’s country hacienda, and he grabbed his guitar and followed me, suggested a few things, and we had this cool song. I kind of knew it had a lightning bolt attached to it from the Music Gods. After we showed it to Jimmy, he was honed in on it from a guitarist standpoint and an engineer’s mindset. We took our raw mixes over to Stuart Sullivan @ Wire Studio in the new Mosaic Sound Collective building in East Austin, and Stuart did a final mix. The song then went to Steven Berson at Total Sonic Media for mastering and tinkering.

Musicians, credits
Jimmy George- guitars, engineering
Ed Kliman- guitars, mandolin
Herb Belofsky- drums
Jan Flemming- accordion
Mark Epstein- bass
backing vocals- Jan Seides
produced by Jimmy George, Timothy Abbott
final mix by Stuart Sullivan @ Wire Studio
 mastered by Steven Berson @ Total Sonic Media
 All songs Apricot Records c2018